The Mechanics

The Mechanics
The Mechanics Institute circa 2000

Eccleshill Mechanics Institute was opened in 1868 as an ‘adult learning centre’ which was popular in the day as areas created learning to create local skilled employment.  Since its opening, the Mechanics ahs been many things from its construction, paid for by villagers of the time, through to its current use as a community hub open to the whole community.

There is much written elsewhere about this fine building’s history which is now secured for the next 99 years following a Capital Asset Transfer scheme.  While technically the building is owned by the Local Authority, the long-term lease means the building can only be used for community purposes until 2120.

Past uses of the Mechanics Institute are, but not limited to, an archive repository, a picture house, a youth club as well as being used as it is presently; a community hub.

Now the Mechanics is now run entirely as a voluntarily organisation and a registered charity, the backbone of our activity is our volunteers without them this building would undoubtedly be closed or used for other purposes most definitely not for the benefit of the community.

Now the building is home to many different uses, all of which are open to the community, apart from private functions which are held in the Main Hall.

How the Mechanics operates

The Mechanics is a completely dedicated community building self-funded from trading income of bar and café sales, room hire and other fund-raising income.  There are some small community grants available from the local authority which assist and represent a small percentage of what is needed to keep the doors open.

Mechanics Institute
The Mechanics at Christmas 2019

There is more information on finance in other sections of this website.

Briefly, the corporate side of the Mechanics Institute is this!

Eccleshill Community Association Limited is a legally registered limited company as well as being a registered charity and a with appointed Directors and Trustees as is required by company law and the Charities Commission.  The Directors and Trustees are the same people as is set out within the Memorandum and Articles of Association and make up the ‘Board’.  It is the Board that manage the statutory requirements of the building.  The role of Director is a voluntary role and is not compensated in any way.

While the Board have legal responsibility for all trading activity as well as events, it is our group of volunteers who really do the hard work, they wash up the pots and pans, pull the beer behind the bar, design and print adverts swap posters in the notice boards, they do everything. It is no understatement to say the Mechanics would be closed if it wasn’t for our fantastic energetic band of volunteers.

A brief overview of what we offer!

Room hire.  We have available for hire an ideal functions room; our Main Hall, as well as our self-contained Front Room with full conference facilities.

Mi’Café is open daily serving hot and cold sandwiches, breakfasts and lunches between 10:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.   Fridays we hold our Fish and Chip Friday! 

For more information about our café, visit the café page linked from the menu (no pun intended) above.

Another monthly event is Northern Soul held in the Mian Hall with vinyl being spun between 3:00 and 9:00 p.m. on ur cherished sprung dancefloor.