Would you like to get involved in tidying up Eccleshill Village?

We are putting together a plan to do regular litter picks around the village, tidy up the area, make it as pleasant as we all wish and stop people just dumping litter and junk because they are too lazy to put it in a bin!

We are being supported by Bradford Council who will provide us litter pick grabs and bags to dispose of the collected rubbish.  They have also given us a little bit of money to promote the initiative.


Its competition time.  We will run a short competition for ages under ten and children over ten to design a poster that promotes a tidy village and anti-littering.  It doesn’t have to be a picture, it could be a slogan, its up to you.

All we ask is it must be easily copied for printing of posters that will be sued around Eccleshill to promote the Eccleshill and being tidy.

The competition is open now for both age groups and the winner of each age group will get a £20 book token and the three runners up will get £10 book token which can be spent at Amazon.  We may use a combination of the winners’ poster and the runners up.

All entries must be received by email before noon 30 June 2020 to litterpick@eccleshill.co.uk

Good luck.

In addition to the banner competition we are looking to do a regular litter pick around the village, dates and times are still to be sorted out.  If you would like to get involved, then please email litterpick@eccleshill.co.uk

All litter picks will be done in accordance with social distancing, we will provide you with gloves, litter pickers and bags for the rubbish.  If there are any specific areas that need to be tidied up, then let us have details and maybe we can do an attack in special areas and move on to others, again it will have to be done in numbers / households / bubbles that comply with Government guidance in respect of being safe and Covid-19 awareness.

Let’s tidy the village……