Eccleshill Community Association Limited (ECA) is a community registered charity which operates for the benefit of the community, from the Mechanics Institute here in Eccleshill Bradford.  The Mechanics Institute has a 150-year history of serving the community of Eccleshill from its first opening in 1869. That history is well documented elsewhere.

ECA was incorporated in July 2007, when its main function was the running of a Youth Club.  In July 2017, ECA was closed as the then Chairman advised the Board that the company was insolvent and should, therefore be wound up. It was not beyond saving, and following a change in direction of the charity with new Directors, the Association is now thriving.

Eccleshill Community Association is a statutory registered trading company, registered at Companies House and with the Charity Commission.  Responsibility for the running of the Company/Charity is the Board of Directors led by the Chairman. The Directors are also the Trustees for the purposes of the Registered Charity.

The current Board (meet the directors) have a vision to improve all aspects of Eccleshill’s & the Community using Mechanics Institute as the hub for this. Many improvements ot the building have already been achieved which will go towards enabling our mission. Read our vision statement here: