A bit about the Directors;

We thought we’d give a little more detail about the Board of Directors at ECA (Eccleshill Community Association Limited), just so you know who is making decisions about its future and what makes them tick!

Terry lives in Eccleshill and prides himself as being a Bradford lad – only more recently, about fifteen years, as an Ecclesonion now living on Leeds Road with his wife Julie.  Terry has been based in Bradford since his two-year venture into Leeds, after leaving school in 1972.  Since then he has worked within the Eccleshill Ward and today still works from an office on the edge of the Ward, on Fagley Road where he works as a Consultant to the Construction Industry and as a Specialist Advisor on contentious insolvency. 

Terry believes passionately about putting back into the community, which he has done much of his working life. He’s achieved this through his 11 years as Chair of Governors at Parkland Middle School, his 30 years working with Bradford Cinderella Club, the last 20 as one of the four Trustees, and various other shorter-term roles, under-the-radar, where help and support has been given.

Terry became involved with the Mechanics Institute as a result of the doors closing in July 2017 using his insolvency expertise.  Terry was promptly selected as Chairman and can be seen regularly at the Institute either behind the café counter, plastering a wall or clearing pigeon droppings from the front bench.  Yes, Terry is hands-on and works tirelessly with his wife Julie to ensure the mechanics not only stays open, but thrives and prospers for decades to come.

Andy lives in Eccleshill, just yards away from the Mechanics Institute where he has done for the last 25 years plus. He went to Eccleshill Upper School and, at 16, left to take on an apprenticeship at Allied Colloids.

He spent the next 7 years training and attending classes to eventually become an Industrial chemist and then did an MBA at Bradford University School of Management.

After 19 years, he then spent the last 16 years as a Business Improvement Consultant working in a variety of organisations and is now a Partner in locally-based improvement consultancy; Velresco. He has been married to Sharon for almost 30 years and has three grown up kids; James, Abbie and Becky. Andy is proud of Eccleshill and its and history, and has a deep interest in Bradford’s spectacular architectural heritage. He tried hard to save Hutton School from being demolished, but sadly lost the campaign when it was demolished during appeal! Needless to say, having seen other local heritage buildings demolished (despite community concerns), he is keen not to see the same fate EVER happen to the Mechanics Institute – another iconic building of Eccleshill’s and one which is increasingly at the heart of community events and services. For this reason, he believes that the building must offer as much as possible for Eccleshill’s community.

Andy is also Chair of Children’s Heart Surgery Fund, a charity based in Leeds, which also serves many children from Bradford.

Shirley is a lifelong Eccleshill resident who has seen many changes inflictedon the small village she was born in.  She attended the now demolished Hutton School and cannot understand the seemingly wanton destruction of our heritage and culture which is why she is so passionate about keeping Eccleshill Mechanics intact for the folks in this community.  She would like to see this building realise its potential as a thriving community hub, where we can all celebrate major events.

Shirley believes in supporting local businesses; her early working life was spent employed in 3 local businesses before moving on to employment in the NHS for nigh on 30 years in Health Promotion.  She remembers the vibrancy of local shops which have now been replaced by a sea of takeaways and really values community spirit.

Shirley was an advocate of the ‘Big Society’ plans put forward by the government of the day in 2010 and wonders where that disappeared to.

As a keen and enthusiastic volunteer she previously spent 10 plus years supporting the East Bradford Kids Bike club at Richard Dunns serving refreshments and taking registration.

She is a veteran walker and supporter of local rambling clubs; one of which (Bradford CHA) recently led a group on the Eccleshill History Trail.

As a long standing member of Eccleshill Village Steering Group for the past 10 years she has helped organise and run the many Village Summer Fairs and Christmas Lights Events which local people have enjoyed.  She says its hard work but hugely rewarding – why not come and join us!

Shirley is especially proud of the Mechanics venture into the once-a-month Bistro evenings which she attends as often as possible and her partner Goff, an ex DJ, was co-opted into putting together the ambient French playlist!

You know, being a Director is a big responsibility, but it is also incredibly rewarding. We do what we can, given we all have jobs and this is entirely voluntary.

If you are also someone who is committed to our vision, with energy and complementary skills, and are interested in joining the Board of Directors, then please let Terry know at: terry.pearson@eccleshill.co.uk