Terry Pearson

Thank you for visiting our website. I do hope you find the information you are seeking. The website is packed with information about what this Eccleshill Community Association is, what we do, what you can do, and what you can get out of it.

Eccleshill Community Association Ltd (ECA) is a registered charity. There are three Directors, who are also the Trustees and have the responsibility of maintaining and running this Community Centre including all the statutory responsibilities that come with being a Director.

Our home the Eccleshill Mechanics Institute, a fantastic stone building of some 150 years in age, is situated at the very top of Eccleshill village. It is currently owned by the Local Authority and let to ECA on a short-term lease. Since early 2018, we have been in negotiations with Bradford Metropolitan Council to take effective ownership of the building using the Capital Asset Transfer (CAT) scheme. I am confident that I will be signing the transfer documents soon. Once that is achieved, ECA will have a 99 year lease which will protect the building from being sold.

It is imperative that you in Eccleshill Community continue to support ECA and use this wonderful building which, ultimately, is YOURS to use!

Terry Pearson
Managing Director