Bistro MI

Mechanics Institute Eccleshill

01274 449 498

Bistro MI

Saturday evenings from seven p.m.

Pre-booking Only


Welcome to Eccleshill finest dining experience – Bistro MI at Eccleshill Mechanics Institute. Our policy and reason for being is to serve our community with the best in food while serving the objectives of Eccleshill Community Association – to keep open and maintain this fantastic community asset, an asset that is now in effective community ownership until 2120......

Every one of us are committed volunteers working to provide you the best dining experience local to Eccleshill. We will continue to strive for the best in dining experience for you the community at the most economical prices – one price for your meal - £17.50 per head for three courses.


Bistro Nights

We are limited on the number of guests for each Bistro night so booking early is essential. When you book a table, it is yours for the evening to chill, relax, enjoy the atmosphere created in the Bistro as well as enjoy what we are told is excellent value fine food.


Provisional Bistro Dates 2023

Please check back as all dates are provisional and will be confirmed on a month by month basis

29 Apr  | 5 May Banquet fit for a King&asterisk *   | 24 Jun  |  29 Jul 

26 Aug  |  30 Sep  |  28 Oct | 25 Nov | 23 Dec

We are will be holding some specials nights, like a Trawler evening, an Italian night,
a dessert night, a low-carb night – with salad!

Watch out for more information

* In May our end of month Bistro will be held on Friday the 5 June 2023 and will be a Banquet fit for a King The Banquet night 5 May 2023 will be £25 per head and will include a bottle of wine and a ‘fizzy’ Loyal Toast to His Majesty King Charles III.
Thre will not be separate tables, seating will be arranged around the room as a Banquete would!

Please email us to book your table - ...... Ta!


Our Passion

When the Bistro was first suggested our trust in the venture was to provide the best possible dinning out expertise, we achieved that, but we feel we slightly lost our way on providing Bistro food.

As re reopen following the lock-down of 2020 and beyond, out focus is now to return to the fine dining with quality cooked meals, oodles of fresh cream, fresh produce, fresh meats and all cooked fresh for you. Bestro MI is the best of food supported by an enjoyable dining experience in this, your old traditional building, and all at an affordable price.

We may all be volunteers, but we are serious at what we do. Why not come along to one of our Bistro Nights, you will not be disappointed.


The Mechanics Institute has served the people of Eccleshill for 150 years by various means, whether as a cinema, a library, or just a meeting place. As of 2018, we do not believe the Mechanics Institute has before provided a Bistro to the people of Eccleshill and beyond.

It is the passion of the current Directors to ensure the Institute remains modern and focused providing services that the locals need.

As of February 2021, this magnifcent builing has been secured for the community till 2120..... 99 years.

Delightful Food

Range of tasty

Soups, Grills, salads

Delightfull Price

Main Courses

Such as:
Calvados & Apple Dressed Pork, Creamy Chicken Breast.

Come along
meet and eat with us - you will not be disappointed


Delicious Food
Great Company

Not to mention.....
the great value & helping to keep those doors open!


As we do not employ anyone, and the Bistro will operate only one Saturday evening per month, then we do not have full time staff that are readily available to take bookings. If you wish to book, you can pop in to the Mechanics Institute Monday to Saturday morning and leave a message and one of us will call you back. Alternatively, you can email the Bistro and we will call you to confirm.

We have a limited licensed bar for bottled beers, wines. Soft drinks will also be available.
Bistro MI is a not for profit restaurant run entirely by volunteers for the benefit of the Mechanics Institute. All profits raised through serving fine wine and food at the Bistro will be used for the benefit of the Eccleshill community ensuring the doors of the Mechanics Institute remain open to all.

Reservations will be confirmed by us once we have you have your booking request.